Dateline: Atlantis
Undersea Adventure
Evidence Destroyed
The Myth
Finding Atlantis
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Dateline: Atlantis

A mysterious past or a fortunate future?

Like a female Indiana Jones, a newspaper reporter dives beneath the waves near the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The reporter, Amaryllis Lang, is shocked to find old, barnacle-studded pyramids—so old they must be from an ancient civilization. She gets her equally awe- struck photographer, Garret Lucas, to take pictures. And before she goes, she darts inside the opening of one pyramid top and steals away a glowing crystal orb, which has a fascinating effect on her mind.

Together, Amaryllis and Garret hurry back to the the Los Angeles Star. The editor is overjoyed thinking he has a story on the discovery of the lost continent of Atlantis. “A Pulitzer!” he shouts. “Start working on your story now.”

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