Dateline: Atlantis
Undersea Adventure
Evidence Destroyed
The Myth
Finding Atlantis
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Dateline: Atlantis

Who is trying to destroy evidence that it's ever been found?

However, the journalists’ fortunes change in a hurry when photographer Lucas is kidnapped and all his photos of the Mexican relics stolen. Without the photos, Amaryllis has no story.

While the news staff worries, the FBI calls and beckons the editor and his team to Chicago, where Lucas has been found, bound hand and foot and tossed into a storage locker on the grounds of the University of Chicago. They gather Lucas and put him in the hospital.

From there, Amaryllis travels to the Bahamas and to Miami all in search of her lost subterranean world—perilously close to the Bermuda Triangle where people sometimes are lost forever.

In the meantime, a closed cold murder case of Amaryllis’ parents takes on new interest, and a hot romance sizzles from Chicago to Miami.

Copyright 2013 Lynn Voedisch