Dateline: Atlantis
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The Myth
Finding Atlantis
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Dateline: Atlantis

The myth of Atlantis

Atlantis is a fabled, lost city that mystified people for centuries. Plato was the most famous chronicler of Atlantis in his works, Critias and Timaeaus. Many readers question whether Plato was serious or not, but he said he got his information on the island kingdom of Atlantis from the Egyptians who were said to have a vast prehistory.

Most people today consider Atlantis to be a myth, but pioneering truth seekers, such as Drs. Gregg and Lora Little, have found many clues pointing to an ancient civilization on the ocean floor near the Bahamas. The have found shapes of rocks that resemble boat docks (that would have been at water’s edge many thousands of years ago), old-fashioned anchors, and even leveling stones that keep the pavement blocks of the Bimini Road (in the Bahamas) flat.

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