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Welcome to my home on the Web. I'm a Chicago journalist and fiction writer with many years of experience working for newspapers and magazines. I'm also a proud member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and I’m on the board of directors of the Society of Midland Authors, where I served as judge on the fiction committee choosing the best novel of 2009, “Twisted Tree” by Kent Meyers.

My third novel, Dateline: Atlantis, has been released by The Fiction Studio. Amaryllis Lang is a feisty but icy reporter finds pyramids and temples that had been covered by the sea for millennia, while snorkling off the coast of Mexico. However, someone doesn't want the story published.

Partly guided by orb visions, half chased by vicious enemies, Amaryllis runs from L.A. to Chicago (where she encounters her old flame, attorney Donny Gregorios) to Florida and then to the Bahamas -- the race is on to fulfill her dream of finding a sunken, ancient world, before anti-Atlantis operatives obscure the evidence forever.

My second novel, “The God’s Wife,” is about the days in Egypt when women - and one woman in particular - were one step away from the Pharaoh in power. The God’s Wife of Amun, believed to be the earthly bride of the most powerful god in ancient Egypt’s pantheon, was the head of Karnak the largest temple in Thebes, and a heady charge for a sixteen-year-old girl who’s been pushed into the role by an over-ambitious mother. It’s a role of great power, but one of immense danger, for every man in the kingdom will fight or work political angles to win her hand. Because who ever wins the God’s wife’s earthly hand will win the right to be the next Pharaoh.

I went to WBBM-TV in Chicago for my first job as a news department production assistant (mainly delivering scripts and finding film clips). My first reporting job was at the Pioneer Press in suburban Chicago, then on to the Los Angeles Times, and eventually a long stint at the Chicago Sun-Times. At the Sun-Times I was an entertainment reporter, dance reviewer, and technology reporter, and helped develop the newspaper's fledgling Web site. The site and staff won Best Innovation from the Inland Daily Press Association and the Dvorak Award for Web content.

I have been on television and radio talk shows, discussing arts topics that affect Chicago. In addition to the Sun-Times, I have been published in the Chicago Tribune as well as in numerous magazines, including The Industry Standard and Dance Magazine.

Fiction fills up whatever spare time I have. My first novel, Excited Light, is out via ASJA Press. Please go to the Excited Light link for information on how to purchase the novel. My second novel, The God's Wife, was published by The Fiction Studio. A short story of mine, "Wili," was published in Folio literary magazine in Winter 2001.

Although technically a suburbanite, my house is three blocks from the Chicago border, where I live with my husband and cat, Cleopatra.

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